We are luckily enough to be in a unique, rural setting in the rolling Shropshire hills with 250 acres of both farmland and woodland, enabling us to add a touch of variety to the horse’s weekly routine.  This enables us to give our horses a varied workout from slow, steady, stamina building work to short, sharp explosive bursts, from flat land to steep banks, there is something to tone every muscle in the horses’ body.

6-FURLONG WOODCHIP ALL WEATHER GALLOP: Beginning with a gradual incline, which gently levels off.  A challenging gallop which is great for building the horses’ stamina.

SCHOOLING GROUNDS: With jumping being the name of the game we have a variety of schooling hurdles and fences.  With certain muscles in the horse’s body only being used when jumped, our horses are schooled on a weekly basis by our regular jockeys who come in to ride out to ensure the horses are confident over fences and every muscle in the body is worked, stretched and well-toned.

In addition, we have a selection of schooling obstacles from logs, tyres and barrels to flights of hurdles and fences including an open ditch running alongside the gallop.  We also have hurdles and show jumps in the outdoor school, a handy tool for teaching the babies how to jump, or use when the turf is either too frozen or hard.  Furthermore, we are also able to loose-school the horses in here, which can help enhance their natural jumping ability.
A new 1 furlong all weather schooling strip through woodland has been installed this summer to freshen up the older horses and help educate the babies.

3 BAY STARTING STALLS WITH A 3-FURLONG TURF STRAIGHT GALLOP: A brilliant place to be able to breeze the horses out of the starting stalls.  We take all our un-raced flat horses for a pre-race stalls test.  They are on a race day and are half an hour before the first race.  This experience is a fantastic opportunity for the un-raced horse, as all too often it can be quite daunting or too exciting for the young horse and the race can be left at the start, in the stalls, with so many new things going on.

WOLVERHAMPTON RACECOURSE (1 MILES OBLONG, TAPETA SURFACE): This is a great experience for the youngsters that have never raced as they get the chance to gallop past the stands, big TV screens, see the extensive white railings. The older horses also love galloping around there and it is a fantastic pre-race prep for them. A superb place to gallop with a heart monitor on, test stride lengths and time furlong splits. With permission of the Clerk of the Course, it is also possible to gallop after racing which brings the whole race day atmosphere to life. A fantastic opportunity for the young, un-raced horse.

OUTDOOR SCHOOL 60FT x 40F: Sand and carpet surface – a lovely warm up area for the horses to be looked at by Alastair before heading off to the gallops.  Large enough to school the horses over jumps when the schooling ground is too frozen in the winter or too firm in the summer.  It is also a brilliant place to get the youngsters going once they have been backed before riding away up the roads or on the gallops.

LUNGE / BREAKER PEN: Carpet surface – with its high blocked walls, this is a superb round pen to back the babies in and get them working on both reigns before heading into the school.  It is also incredibly handy for horses which need lunging in a pessoa.

INDOOR HORSE WALKER: No matter the weather (or amount of snow!) the horses have constant access to the walker.  Used continually on daily basis, a necessity in any yard!

STABLING FOR 32 HORSES: In large American barn, monarch stables.  The nature of the barn provides ample ventilation.  We don’t have automatic water drinkers as we like to monitor the amount of water each horse drinks and have their buckets cleaned daily.

INDIVIDUAL TURN OUT PADDOCKS: We try and turn our horses out regularly whilst in training.

LARGER GRAZING PADDOCKS: For holiday horses.

HORSE GRAZING PEN: Great for horses that have been on box rest as this provides an enclosed area for grazing without allowing the horse to gallop around.

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